Who we are

2015-06-22_philly_00052015-01-25_General St. Anne's_0003As the people of St. Anne’s, we believe that we are called into a special relationship with God, with each other, and with all of God’s children in our own community and throughout the world.  We work to respond to God’s call wherever it may lead us.  We are actively engaged in our community, taking our sense of mission from the needs and hopes of those whom God has given us as friends and neighbors. In faithful and joyous response to that call, we seek: 

In our OUTREACH to others:

To identify and make available to our parishioners opportunities to become personally involved in hands-on projects of ministry to others;

To focus our outreach effort primarily on needs that are not currently being met by others and among those for whom our ministry can make a significant difference;

To recognize that our call to ministry extends beyond our local community and to seek opportunities for active involvement by our parishioners in the work of the Church throughout our own country and throughout the world; and

To share the challenge of the Gospel with others through prayer and action.